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Sangak Express is a Persian sangak bread bakery. We bake our Kosher whole wheat bread on site and sell fresh bread daily. We opened this location in July of 2012, and already serve almost 4000 customers per month. The waiting time can be up to 30 minutes at our service counter. Our client base are about 70% Iranian, 15% Asian and Latino, 15% White and other, and some of our clients travel as much as 100 miles.
We are at 18345 Vanowen st. Suite H in city of Reseda, located inside the Valley Produce Market Plaza where over 1500 people shop every day.zigma force ad
We are starting a media advertising program on a 42" monitor mounted over the service counter where it has the most visibility. The image of the monitor can be viewed on line at The ads will be diplayed on the monitor for 15 seconds and looped all day, 7 days a week during our business hours.
This is the most cost effective great way to target clients and expose your Name and Brand to our customers and all other people in the plaza.
We believe this is a great oppotunity to get in on the ground level and take advantage of our January special.  

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